Welcome to my blog!


I’m Sofia. 40+  introvert, a spouse, a mother, a sister, a daughter. I believe in positivity, kindness, and respecting everyone’s own opinions and way of life. This blog focuses on meaningful things with a lighter touch and entertaining vibe. I want to write content that educates, informs and inspires, and sometimes makes a statement, too. I believe in frugal living, so I love finding new affordable products around the web, and the best bargains whenever I can.

I work full time (financial administration) mostly remote at home. My hobbies are crafts, reading, building websites/e-commerce/blogs. I’m constantly looking for ways to be more productive, automate things, living healthier life and finding meaningful things to do. I’m sort of digital enthusiast, too…

I’m going to write about planning your life, good and healthy habits, online shopping and also how to make extra earnings online. I have cats, so I might occasionally write about pets, too. I’m dreaming of decluttering my home, building a capsule wardrobe step by step and travelling around the world. I hope that through my blog you too can find some dazzle in your life, too. We all need a little dazzling every now and then, don’t you agree?

I hope you enjoy your stay, and if there’s anything you want to ask, share your thoughts or give feedback, you can contact me at hello@dazzlewithsofia.com