Holiday decor storage tips to keep your home organized this winter

In today’s society, people are increasingly living in smaller homes as well as apartments and condos that don’t have room for storage space. This leaves many people feeling overwhelmed at the thought of holiday storage and organization. Luckily, there are some great holiday decor storage tips and tricks out there that will make this year’s holiday season less stressful than ever before! This article will help you get also organized for after the holidays so that you can enjoy this winter season without worrying about the home organization or decorating!

Yes, it’s that time of the year to get organized! It can be pretty challenging to stay organized during or after the holiday season. There are so many things to do that it is easy for one to lose track of time and space. The following tips will offer some helpful suggestions for keeping your home organized this winter by storing your holiday decor items.

Some people prefer to use a storage system that matches their home and decor style. You can find home organization systems for every design style and price range. Another excellent storage solution is drawer organizers, which are great for storing seasonal items. The best way to avoid clutter is to store your holiday decorations in a separate area, away from your everyday living space.

– Group like types of ornaments together and label each group with a sticker or marker 

– Hang ornaments from similar themes on hooks in one location, such as holiday collections, blown glass ornaments, glass ball ornaments, etc. 

– Store delicate or fragile Christmas tree decorations in a safe place that is off the floor and away from pets, children, and sunlight

– Use a large storage bin or basket to store all your Christmas decorations

– Label each drawer with the contents of the drawer and what is placed inside it

Decor storage ideas for Christmas Ornaments:

Christmas ornaments come in many shapes and sizes. The most usual ones are baubles, either plastic or glass. They can be very fragile, so you should storage them really carefully. Here’s a few examples of smart storage ideas for all kinds of Christmas ornaments:

Christmas Ornament Storage Box

HOLDN’ STORAGE Christmas Ornament Storage Container Box with Dividers – Stores up to 72 – 3″ Ornaments – Large Christmas Ball Storage Container Bins…

Ornament Storage Box

IRIS USA 60 Qt. Ornament Storage Box with Hinged Lid and Dividers, 2-pack, Plastic Organization Container Bin for Holiday Decorations and Accessories with Interlocking Wing Lid, Clear/Red

This one is especially good for small spaces, as you can, for example, slip it under your bed;

Ornament Storage Box

Honey-Can-Do Ornament Storage Box with Dividers, Red/Green Large

Best storage ideas for Gift wrapping materials

Those gift-wrapping rolls did really got to my nerves earlier! No matter where I put those, they would end up scattered on the floor… Now I storage all my gift-wrapping materials in the same container, where I can find everything at the same time. Here’s some inspiration:

Wrapping Paper Storage Container for Bows

Premium Wrapping Paper Storage Container for Bows, Ribbons and Wrapping Paper, Water-Resistant Xmas Gift Wrap Organizer with Interior Pockets, 600D Oxford Fabric 41″ Under Bed Storage Box, Green

Wrapping Paper Storage

Wrapping Paper Storage Plastic Ziplock Bag Organizer – 40″ Storage Containers – Door Hanging Gift Wrapping Organizer Storage for Closet

Best storage ideas for Christmas tree, in case you have an artificial tree

This Christmas (2022) was the first time we got an artificial Christmas tree. Earlier we had a real tree every year, but I got really fed up with the needles all over and the real tree had reeaallly strong smell to it, even though I loved it, my asthmatic lungs did not so much… Our fake tree came in a cardboard box, which do not last for long in our cold storage room, so ended up searching for other storage ideas, and here’s what I found on Amazon:

Christmas Tree Storage Bag

BALEINE 7.5 ft Christmas Tree Storage Bag, Heavy Duty 900D Oxford Fabric with Reinforced Handles and Dual Zippers Wide Opening, Extra Large Storage Container for Trees and Decorations (Grey)

Best organizing tips for Christmas lights

Oh, do I even need to begin with the Christmas lights… These plastic Light Storage Holders are really life savers.


Premium Christmas Light Storage Bag – Heavy Duty Tear Proof 600D/Inside PVC Material with Reinforced Handles – With 3 Reels Stores up to 375 Ft of Mini Christmas Tree Lights & Extension Cords – Gray

Light Storage Holder

codree 4 PCS All Purpose Light Storage Holder-11.8Inch Christmas Light Cord Wind Up Storage Organizer-Holiday Light Storage for Tree Lights Extension Cord Garland

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That’s it! With these tips, I’m sure you’ll finally get those Holiday Decors in order.